Stolz's book Experiencing Black Sabbath: A Listener's Companion is available at all major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

Listen to Stolz's interview on Mike Stark's LA Radio Sessions, where they talk about--and listen to--several Sabbath songs:

"A fascinating read covering the complete history of the band, the depth of analyses is astonishing, dealing with the minutia of every riff and nuance. This is the definitive work encompassing the music and a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the legendary group. Amazing work!" -- Laurence Cottle, former bassist, Black Sabbath

"Nolan Stolz has impressively found a way to add to the current writings on Black Sabbath, most notably with his detailed deconstruction of each song. The beauty of this approach lies in the novice and deep Sabbath fan alike inevitably and without choice scurrying back to the compositions to follow along with the author's professional postmortem." -- Martin Popoff, author of 70 music books, including three on Black Sabbath

"In this informative academic look at the music of Black Sabbath, composer and music professor Stolz undertakes a song-by-song analysis of many of the band's recordings, from its 1970 self-titled debut to its The End tour in 2016. Stolz meticulously explores what made Sabbath's music so heavy: the 'frightening' sound of the band's reliance on the tritone (the interval between two notes long known by classical composers as the 'devil in music'), which was heavily used in the blues-influenced music of early Sabbath. He also explains how the 'dreadfully slow' tempos made many songs feel 'doomy.' Stolz expertly shows how, in their later albums, Sabbath pursued a progressive sound by incorporating tempo changes, dissonance, and variety of rhythms.... Stolz's analysis is insightful.... This is a volume for die-hard Sabbath fans. " -- Publisher's Weekly

"How will history treat Black Sabbath? Perhaps, after all, it really is the music that matters. Beyond the image, the social commentary, and the personalities, it is that use of a tritone or that extension of the blues, or that sudden, shocking high note, that merits our attention. This is what Stolz's book seeks, with precise scholarship and passion for the subject, to persuade us to believe." -- Kenneth LaFave, composer and author of Experiencing Film Music

2020 events (concerts, lectures, etc.)

February 1 --- Spartanburg Philharmonic will perform "Golden State Romp" from Lincoln Highway Suite, Twichell Auditorium

2019 events (concerts, lectures, etc.)

Fall TBD --- Dr. Nick Phillips to premiere Dotard and Variations on a Nambian [sic] Folk Tune for piano at UW-Eau Claire

September 13 --- Presenting "More Than Metal: Black Sabbath's Use of Blues, Classical, Jazz, Prog and other Musical Styles" at the Home of Metal Symposium and Workshop: Music Heritage, People and Place at The Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research of Birmingham City University (U.K.), time TBD. Note that the Symposium is on 9/13 at the BCMCR, and the Workshop is at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on 9/14 to coincide with the Home of Metal's "Black Sabbath -- 50 years" exhibition.

June 20 --- "Composing the Lincoln Highway Suite," lecture at the 2019 Lincoln Highway Association Conference, Western Wyoming Community College Theatre, Rock Springs, 1115am

April 27 --- USC Upstate Faculty Jazz Trio. Children Advocacy Center of Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union fundraising event. The Piedmont Club, Spartanburg, SC, 6-9pm

March 2 --- Dr. Tim Bonenfant performs Eefer Madness for E-flat clarinet at College Music Society South Chapter conference at University of Central Florida in Orlando, 130pm

March 1 --- Dr. Cynthia Selph and Dr. Kris Carlisle premiere bugsy siegel's desert rose for mezzo-soprano and piano at College Music Society South Chapter conference at University of Central Florida in Orlando, 130pm

February 21 --- USC Upstate Faculty Jazz Trio with guest student and alumni performers. The Piedmont Club, Spartanburg, SC, 6-8pm


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